Time: Friend or Foe?


As with most things, the answer to this
question depends on your point of view.
For me, time and abandonment together, create amazing landscapes and scenic beauty
which I document for your enjoyment
Of course, the wear and tear on my spine is another matter...

Enjoy The Ride


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6/16/2010: Just uploaded all the galleries & tested functionality. It's nice to have these populated. Helps me to determine the things I need to pursue for future projects.



Texas is a vast expanse of land with variations in altitude, atmosphere, weather and physical characteristics. From the Piney Woods in the east, to the mountains of the Big Bend area, to the vast plains of the panhandle, the Lone Star State is my inspiration and playground for creating dramatic images of desolation, barren, wastelands and rusted, disintegrating, abandoned buildings and vehicles.
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