A Little About The Artist

W P Harris
is a Frisco, Texas based photographer, with
a diverse interest in almost any possible subject.

• Architectural Photography
• Fashion / Glamour Photography
• Sports / Events
• Rock 'n Roll Concerts
• Tuscany / Fine Art
• Portraiture

In 2007, a local photographer evaluating my portfolio as a favor, pointed out “you have an interesting desolation theme going there.” which was interesting, as I had not consciously pursued this particular theme.

This statement, however, opened my eyes to my own attraction to abandoned buildings, vehicles and the like. Upon some introspection, I found it to be absolutely true that these scenes had always attracted me, which set me on the path to fill out my library of desolation images. This website is dedicated exclusively to this theme.

Artist's Statement

In 2006 I had an epiphany that caused me to pick up my camera and re-evaluate the world around me. I realized I had been sleepwalking through my surroundings for twenty years. I had “seen” but not been “connected” to my world for a very long time. Some serious introspection resulted in the following observations:

As we all grow older, I feel we lose touch with the child within us and become jaded, missing the new, magical and wondrous nature of our surroundings that mystifies and fascinates our children. Spend some time observing a toddler and you will find they are like sponges with sneakers, absorbing every bit of their environment, asking limitless questions of their elders and peers and filing it all away for future reference. Every second of every day, they are learning new things and coming to grips with their surroundings. As adults, we tend to lose our sense of wonder, having long ago filed away everything we see. • Read More

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